Tradition cannot be purchased like a set of dishes, or a kitchen appliance.  Heritge must be preserved; often it must be rescued, or it must be created.

Quotation: Mrs. Carolyn Granelli


The Brotherhood of the  I.D.E.S. Society ( The Society of the Divine Holy Spirit) was first organized in Half Moon Bay in the year 1871.  It bears the emblem of the Red Flag and Crown which is recongnized the workd over as the symbol of the Holy Ghost Festival.

It is believed that some of the first officers of the I.D.E.S. Society in 1871 were: John Valladao, President; Manuel Bernardo, Vice President; Candido Fernandez, Secretary and Treasurer.

The property of the I.D.E.S. society was donated in the year 1898 by Mr. and Mrs. Manuel P. Dutra.  This is the same property that is used in the present day Holy Ghost Celebration.In the year 1911 the first hall and Cappella was built.  Later this hall was replaced by a new hall, along with a new Cappella. 

In 1928 a larger hall was built at a cost of $3,897.  This hall looks lake a replica of the Hollywood Paladium.  These are the same halls used today in the Holy Ghost Festival.

History from "Holy Ghost Festival Centennial Year 1871-1971.  Published by the I..D.E.S. Socity in 1971


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